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HTC Desire Rooted + Gingerbread + Sense 2.1 + Apps2SD+ ROM + AdFree

Step-by-Step for what I did to root + install GB+Sense2.1 with Apps2SD+ and AdFree rom (Base from Coolexe) - also included the video tutorial which is ace.

00 - Watch the video tutorial so you know what you are doing:
    - Also make sure phone is fully charged

01 - Download the RUU
    - Download the latest RUU so you have something to return back to stock if rquired.
    - Latest non-branded FroYo is 2.29.405.5 - available here:

02 - Download HTC Sync
    - Download the latest version of HTC Sync from  (the support section)
    - Latest at time of writing is available here:

03 - Install HTC Sync
    - Install software, but then when complete uninstall HTC Sync software (leave HTC Drivers on system)
04 - Download modified HBoot driver
    - Download driver from unrevoked website - available here:
        and here (with instructions for install):

05 - Install HBoot driver
     - Turn off phone, hold Vol Down and power on till it gets to the recovery menu (white screen with menu options)
     - Connect phone to PC/Laptop with USB cable and install driver in device manager downloaded from step 04.
     - When installed reboot phone to normal OS
06 - Prepare phone for Rooting
    - Go to Settings -> Connect to PC -> untick 'Ask Me' if ticked, and set 'default connection type' to 'Charge only'
    - Go to Settings -> Applications -> Tick 'Unknown Sources' if not ticked
    - Go to Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Tick 'USB Debugging' if not ticked
07 - Reboot everything, laptop, phone etc.

08 - Download unrEVOked (version 3.21)
    - Download unrEVOked and make sure you get version 3.21 for Desire
      Available here:
      and here:
09 - Root
    - Connect phone to PC with USB cable and leave on Charge only (I'm 99% sure it should be set as charge, but if that doesn't work try HTC Sync option, as HTC Sync isn't installed it shouldn't kick off the HTC Sync software)
    - Run unrEVOked software and follow instructions on screen (basically hit ok and wait awhile)
10 - Rooted!
    - The phone will reboot a few times and settle down and you will then have superuser app installed on phone and will be rooted, and a custom recovery allowing backups and flashing etc. (Clockwork Recovery accessed by VOL DOWN + Power on while phone is off)
    - This does not mean you have full access to system partition - as HTC put an extra security protocol in place called S-Off - you can do this with Alpharev - but is not essential for this - for more information

11 - NANDroid Backup (optional)
    - You can turn off phone, vol down + power on, select recovery, then select backup and restore, and create a NAND backup of your current phone settings (this is saved to SD card in a folder called ClockworkRecovery)
    - This should allow you to restore back to current state, but I have found it caused a boot loop with my phone stuck at HTC logo so may be best to do this right before flashing a new ROM - at step 17)

12 - Backup your SD Card data to PC
    - Take all the data off the SD card that you want, pictures, music etc.
13 - Download gparted for Partiting SD
    - Some people claim you can partition within windows using tools like MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition, but it is always advised to use gparted
    - Download gparted and burn to CD from the ISO from here:
      or here:
14 - Partitoning SD
    - Connect phone in USB Storage mode to laptop and boot to Gparted CD
    - In GParted accept all defaults
    - Ensure that the SD Card is set as the device (not your laptop/pc HD!)
      ( see this video for more details
    - Remove all partitions from SD card
    - Create a new FAT32 partition at the start of the SD Card - this MUST be the first partition on the SD card, but leave <2048MB of space at the end (recommended 1024MB, but 512MB can be used, but NOT MORE than 2048MB)
    - Create a second partition for EXT3 with the remaining space.
    - Apply
    - Shut down gparted
15 - Download ROMs + extras
    - XDA's index of Roms is available here :
    - To keep things as they are now without going too much into AOSP, MIUI, etc. - the main ROM choices are, Gingerbread + Sense 2.1, or Gingerbread + Sense 2.1 WITH 3.0 Parts. However, the 3.0 parts seem a little more unstable than the pure GB + s2.1 roms.
    - I am using the Desire HD port of Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Sense 2.1 (and also access to and HTC Hub) found in Cool Sense 2.1 Cool AceS v8:
    - Download the ROM, Radio, RIL and EXT4 Alignment zips from the link above or here:
    ROM : (Custom version - has removed HTC Stocks, Plurk and widgets etc. - get from above link if this custom doesn't work... and use the original before I tweaked it)
    RADIO : or (I had trouble with the one from the Cool AceS v8 page
    RIL :

16 - Copy ZIP's to SD
    - In USB Mass storage mode copy the 4 zip's to the root of SD card. Simples. (should be the only things on there.)

17 - Flash ZIPs
    - Boot phone into Clockwork Recovery (Vol down + Power on) (use vol up/down navigation to get to recovery, and then trackwheel as navigation when in clockwork recovery)
    - NAND backup (optional - see step 11)
    - Wipe data/factory reset
    - wipe cache partition
    - advanced -> wipe dalvik cache
    - install zip from sdcard
    - select zip
    - ... should say successfully installed on the text at the bottom when completed
    - install zip from sdcard again
    - select zip
    - ... should say successfully installed on the text at the bottom when completed
    - install zip from sdcard again
    - select zip
    - ... should say successfully installed on the text at the bottom when completed
    - install zip from sdcard again
    - select zip
    - ... should say successfully installed on the text at the bottom when completed
    - reboot now

18 - WAIT while ROM adjusts itself
    - the ROM may hang on the HTC white screen for about 5-10 minutes (apparently can hang for 20 minutes sometimes) while it sorts out the SD-EXT partition, and re-arranges itself on the phone
     - Go through the wizard to set up phone, and leave it on for 30 mins - 60 mins while re-downloading apps etc. and setting up phone as it may freeze/hang for a few seconds while it is still reconfiguring itself and settling down.
19 - You are done.  You can now restore your SD Card settings and set up your phone again. (note ADFree is installed and when opening will update the hosts and ask for superuser permissions to download+install hosts and block those pesky adverts)

Although I recommend downloading 'battery calibration' app from here:

and running that through after a day or so to recalibrate the battery.

You can delete the zips from the SD card if you like.

NOTE:  You do not need to move Apps to the SD like previously (applications -> move to SD), the ROM has Apps2SD+ built in so the system will handle that on your behalf, applications should still display (on phone)

To check Apps2SD partition space install Quick System Info and check in the app:

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